Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Periodic Table of Elements

Just like the subject Chemistry ... I too come with my own different elements. Kemistry, the person, is made up of many different aspects and elements. Overall I am an entertainer. But to better understand me you have to understand all my elements.

Kemistry: The child of God - The most important elements that when mixed with my other elements provides a very wonderful outcome. This is the part of me that is passionate about all things pertaining to the word of God.

Kemistry: The radio Dj/Personality - This is the voice of Nigerian radio that most people know and hear about. This is also the girl who knows her music and can provide you with the hottest playlist in town

Kemistry: The Female rapper - This is the lyrical genius part of me. This the part that Africa has seen in MTV Base Africa, Channel O, Souncity etc. The part of me that likes to write killer rhymes and likes to rock the mic.

Kemistry: The Model - This is the fashion part of me. The supermodel in the making that is more known and welcomed in NYC. The part of me the yearns to be on the runway, High fashion editorials, print ads etc.

Kemistry: The Journalist: This is the educational part of me. We all went to school and got a degree in something. Well, I went to Hampton University and got a degree in Journalism. I am in the process of going back to school to get my Masters in TV and Radio production and pursue a career as an Entertainment Journalist. I have a passion to be on TV interviewing various entertainers.

These are just a few of my many elements. So now you know what Kemistry is made of. Over time I will elaborate and do blogs on each element like Chapters in a course called KEMISTRY 101. For Now, this is me.


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