Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kemistry the Rapper: Online Video Premiere for my single "Ijo Ti Ya" and My past videos

I am excited to announce the Online premiere of the video to my single "Ijo Ti Ya" (Its time to Dance). This video was shot in NYC during the Nigerian day Parade last year. This is my dedication to Nigeria's upcoming 50th anniversary on Oct. 1st .... Our Golden Jubilee. No matter what we should always be proud of where we come from. This my way of giving back to the land that birthed me. Here it is for your viewing pleasure ..

Going back a bit, who can forget the "Epic Monster" that was the video for Dj Jimmy Jatt's single 'Too Much' ft Myself, Blaise, Sasha P. and Bouqui? This has to be the first time Nigerian female rappers got together to spit fire on one track. The song and the video was massive when it was released in 2008. I am so proud to be part of this video. Shout out to all involved esp. video director Igho for doing a great job. Watch and enjoy :-)

Finally, I had to to this. Remember the very first video I ever shot? "Shake" ft Terry G. The year was 2006 and many Nigerian artists were still trying to come up in the game. Looking at this video I am amazed at how many cameos I was able to get. I mean everybody was in this video. D.Banj, Dare, Naeto C., Zeal, Big lo, Elajoe ..the list is endless. And look at a young Terry G. Who knew he would be this massive today? Here it is if you have never seen this "Classic" video.

I hope you all enjoyed my video library, I look forward to making many more videos and finally releasing and album of work. Tk care and Chat soon.


  1. Hey Girl -
    I've seen your video before I saw it on this blog! I knew you looked familiar when I saw you at that Avant thing - the director of that video - GIBBS or somethin or the other... he told me like 6 different names, directed a video that I was in! *Common Connections*
    Get at me when you have a chance